About Larry Brandt:

I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Jerusalem, Israel. I have spent years learning, experimenting and honing my craft of photography and I love making people and their events look amazing beyond what they could imagine. I'd love for you to come join me for the course and to share with you everything I have learned, no secrets witheld!

צילום במה

ההפקה שלכם מתעוררת לחיים!

I am very excited to announce the launch of a series of brand new photography courses via Zoom for the year 2020. Registration is ending 12 July 2020 so sign up now!


  • Are you a photography enthusiast?

  • Do you dream of turning your passion into a part- or full-time source of income?

  • Are you interested in taking your skills to the next level?

  • Do you want to learn the real differences between amateur and pro photographers?

In my courses you will:

  • Build a solid foundation on which your photography skills will flourish.

  • Learn technical and artistic skills in a way that you can understand clearly.

  • Receive practical exercises and receive feedback and personal attention.

  • Be presented a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Most importantly, you will see results quickly and learn everything that you really need to know to improve your photography, without wasting your valuable time. My courses are concise and to the point!

צילום במה

30 June 2020 at 20:00: Opening Class (Free class on Zoom! Register and come check it out!)




Introduction to Portrait Photography

All about Equipment

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The classes will take place on Zoom and there will be two additional practical workshops.

Opening Class: (Free class! Register and come check it out! Limited places)  


Seeing Through the Camera Lens (30 June 2020 at 20:00)


Introductory class for the course. Free entry (after registration) for anybody interested in learning how to improve their photography and what it takes to be a professional.


Come to discover what makes a great photograph, how to become a great photographer and understand what makes the camera different from the human eye. Then learn how you can use that difference to your advantage!

Class 1:   Composition


  1. What is composition?

  2. Why is composition important?

  3. Types of composition

  4. How you can use composition in your photography

  5. Having a subject and how to draw attention to your subject

  6. How to attain a suitable composition in any scenario

  7. Choice of lens when considering composition

  8. Composition in the camera as opposed to how our eye sees

  9. How to crop a photo properly

  10. Exercises to try this week


Class 2:   Exposure


  1. What is exposure? What is the “correct” exposure?

  2. The exposure triangle

  3. How the camera measures exposure.

  4. Camera exposure modes. Auto vs manual

  5. Metering modes

  6. Where/what to expose for

  7. Sunny 16 rule and variations

  8. Balancing exposures in a scene

  9. The zone system

  10. Exercises to try this week



Class 3:   Lighting


  1. What is light?

  2. How lighting affects the impact of your photograph

  3. The three main attributes of light in photography

  4. The inverse square law

  5. Types of lighting and how to use them

  6. Setting your white balance

  7. Studio photography vs “spontaneous” photography

  8. How do different materials affect light?

  9. Shadows and how to use them

  10. Dynamic range and how your camera perceives brightness and contrast

  11. Lighting vs Exposure

  12. How to identify good light and create it

  13. Exercises to try this week



Class 4:   Introduction to Portrait Photography


  1. Photographing people vs photographing objects

  2. Types of portrait photography

  3. Posing vs recognizing pose

  4. Posing basics

  5. How to position the face

  6. Lighting patterns and lighting ratios.

  7. Flash photography for people and what do those umbrellas do anyway?

  8. Finding the correct composition for people photography

  9. Finding the appropriate lighting to photograph people

  10. “Masculine” vs “feminine” lighting and posing

  11. Exercises to try this week


Class 5:   All about Equipment


  1. Overview of what equipment is available on the market

  2. All about different cameras and how to choose the perfect camera for you

  3. How to choose the perfect lens for you

  4. Tripods

  5. Flashes

  6. Bags

  7. Cleaning equipment

  8. Shutter release and time lapse

  9. Types of batteries and chargers

  10. Different types of equipment for different photographers

  11. Where to buy equipment. Should you buy brand new or used?

  12. What to pack on a photo shoot

  13. Course summary and final photo review.

  14. Certificates presentation

Course Price: 1200 shekels